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Brian Ladin Rules the Investment and Business Industry

Brian Ladin is considered as a business professional who enables himself of managing his time with the companies that he is currently connected. He acts as one of the board of directors at Konig & Cie wherein he supervises the entire business operation on a daily basis. Since 2013, Brian has been working for the business for over 3 years. Most people must not have known that besides Konig & Cie, he also works for other 2 companies that he established namely Delos Shipping and Delos Investment Management. The latter was founded in 2007 where he acts as the director of media since then until now. The company has been operating competitively for 9 years. On the other hand, Delos Shipping was established a year after the successful launching of Delos Investment.

Brian Ladin’s affiliation with these companies never hindered him of doing the things that he likes the best. With his hectic schedule at work, he still have time enjoying a wide array of sports. Brian loves playing tennis for fitness that he has been doing for over 30 years. Travelling is another pastime that he likes. Actually, he already had the chance to explore many countries and cities in the world. He enjoys his time of being out of the country both for pleasure and business, making it more challenging for him manage his time not only to work but also to things that he likes the past years.

It was in Tulane University where Brian Ladin has finished his degree in political economy. After finishing his degree, he successfully attained his career in business. He managed to become a competent and efficient investment expert. Through time, he has effectively served some of his partnering companies namely Bonanza Capital and Talisman Capital wherein he was able to make high revenues amounting over $100 million. With his excellent leadership skills as well as his lucrative knowledge in the investment industry, he became a popular personality in the local and international sectors. This was the moment where Brian decided to establish the Delos companies and enter Konig & Cie.

Majority of individuals look up to Brian Ladin as an experienced and able expert in the business sector. Brian’s current affiliations tests his competence and efficiency as an entrepreneur. With a wide array of experience in the business industry, he successfully made his dreams and aspirations into reality. Today, he is enjoying the rewards of his efforts for many years that he became what he has been wanting to be.

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